New build interior design

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From scratch - a very good place to start

Colour, art and furniture is a great way to express your personal taste. Its presence creates atmosphere, mood and personality. We often encourage our clients to think about different textures and colours, to bring personality and life into their new home.

As specialists in spatial planning and ergonomics, we make the most of the space that you have - and even find more than you thought you had. We find space by recycling unnecessary nooks inside or changing the flow of the room. We look at how the kitchen or interior space function with the rest of the home.

We like to join your team prior to your house plans going for consent. This allows us to access the plumbing and window positions that could and will hinder the design elements and function.

Our new-build services include:

  • interior design planning
  • interior design colour renderings
  • bespoke furniture design and manufacture
  • interior design implementation and installation
  • interior design project management
On point

Why did we call our retail space ‘On Point’?

Because design is like a dance, and much like a ballet dancer standing en pointe, our merchandise will elevate your interiors to the very leading edge of your taste.