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It all started when..

United by a shared vision, Melanie's insatiable curiosity for innovative kitchen design seamlessly intertwined with Gaynor's fervour for contemporary interiors. Their collective passion and creative synergy culminated in a powerful partnership that began to flourish in 2006. Together, they embarked on a journey to redefine and elevate the realm of interior design, forging a path marked by innovation, style, and a commitment to pushing boundaries.

From mastering the spatial and ergonomic intricacies of kitchens with distinct edge, they have morphed the company into interior architects of entire homes, onboarding a team of incredible individuals over the years, to achieve widely in areas of New Zealand Design.


Bespoke is the name of the game, with long standing relationships with some of the top makers in the country and abroad, to bring an ever expanding library of design components. It's from these curated vaults that we create environments that sing with the personality and tastes of our clients.


And now, with the birth of our cutting-edge joinery factory, the revolution gets louder, the designs get bolder, and Melanie Craig's imprint gets indelible. Welcome to the future—where every corner exudes the unapologetic luxe of Melanie Craig's design legacy.


Melanie Craig

Mel's punchy style and fearless pursuit of excellence drives every project to a new standard of New Zealand design. 

She is an visionary in every sense of the word, whether transforming spaces, encouraging the professional development of the team or expanding the company enterprise into new realms.

Fun and playfulness are imbued in her leadership, aesthetics and approach in all areas of design and life, making her an accomplished and trusted architect of interiors, strategy, communications and team building. 

Gaynor Rogers

Gaynor's vibrance and dedication means that clients are treated to a world of creative possibilities not previously considered.


Being a company Director Gaynor has been part of the business from the earliest days of inception, progressing the firm through to its current success.

Often found surrounded by catalogues of gorgeous fabrics and wallpapers, her expert eye and encouragement leads interiors to exciting new realms of texture and technicolour.

Her love of colour flows throughout her work for design clients, and through to her immaculate style. 


Bradley Craig

Full control of the company finances and business engineering is under Bradley's direction.


As company Director he formulates the strategy and develops key relationships while overseeing all accounting matters, not to mention possessing a strong golfing prowess.

He is often found upstairs in our Design Offices, and chipping in downstairs in the Joinery Factory.

Music is deep in the heart of the Craig family, you may be lucky enough to catch one of Bradley's gigs on a rare and excellent occasion. He and Mel encourage their three girls to pursue music and creativity daily.


Hayley Rogers

As an Interior Architect, Hayley covers the full spectrum of design and client consultation requirements, making the seemingly impossible, possible.


Often popping to site to oversee her 3D renderings becoming reality, checking quality and flow between design and build.

Her weekends are filled with trips around the beautiful South Island with her husband and their dog.


Carissa Saxby

With a background in ArchiCAD and architectural firms, Carrisa has a solid project overview for timely completion with all details covered.

She works at HQ, and is instrumental in ensuring the professional and efficient handling of logistics.

She is an incredible baker, and never forgets a birthday.


Nick Plimmer

Working internationally for over a decade, Nick has a drive for setting a global standard in his work. He is ever expanding his design vocabulary and keeps our instagram looking fresh.

He is often found out in the field, meeting with commercial clients around the country. 

He spends the rest of the time in the high street studio, painting, or on his bike, around the glorious Otago tracks. 


Elle Smith

Originally from the UK, Elle has a background in Fine Art, design, and customer service.


She is found in the vibrant studio space on Wānaka's high street meeting and greeting, developing the retail and hunting out new artists for our clientele.

She also dabbles in web and marketing for the company, and finds ample time to spend in her own art studio.


Will Shaw

Will is our Dedicated interior project manager, orchestrating seamless transformations, navigating diverse design preferences and coordinating with design team and trades to bring plans and visions to life.


In the office he is apt at managing budgets and timelines and discussing details with the design team. On site Will is well respected checking  in with the trades, supporting and ensuring the highest standard of quality.


When he's not wrangling our diverse portfolio of jobs, he's out on the bike trails. 


The Joinery Cew

Anil is head of our factory, with a solid crew of experienced joiners who take pride in their craft and finish projects to the scrupulous Melanie Craig standard.


Visit their website here


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