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Our kitchen design services include:

• Spacial planning

• Lighting design

• Interior colour renderings

• Collaboration with architectural partners

• Project Management

• Implementation and installation

We offer a comprehensive design service, incorporating all aspects of interior architecture, to tell your story and express your taste with the language of design.

Human beings in the Western world spend, on average, thirty minutes every day in the bathroom. That's roughly eight days out of the year.

Make sure you engage us early in your project, simple things like plumbing and adequate ventilation can dictate the entire design.

Our approach is to create a picture of your typical bathroom regime: Do you do your make-up in here? Do you shave in the shower or at the basin? From that, we craft an ergonomically-driven, spatially aware bathroom design that balances form with function.

we design with form, flow and function in mind

Design Process


Initial Meeting

During the first visit to your home, we discuss maximising the space and design options with an aim to understand your desires and budget. 

Then we go to the drawing board..


Design Proposal

Next we present a design proposal. This creative document encapsulates all your wants and needs into the project.

Moodboards, design influences and an estimation of cost.


Design Development

We work closely with you through a series of design meetings during which we put forward 2-3 design options for selection and refinement.


Floor plans, design sketches and 3D colour renderings will show you how your space will look.



& Procurement

Once you've signed off on all elements of the design, we hand over production specs to our select contractors and manufacturers, who get to work on the bespoke designs.


We project manage and communicate with you throughout.



& Install

We bring together all the elements, for professional installation of joinery, lighting, and the delivery and styling of furnishings and artworks.

Then it's time to pop a cork and enjoy your new space!

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