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ro. Collection Carafe no. 49 - Clear Dots

ro. Collection Carafe no. 49 - Clear Dots

Carafe no. 49 is a geometrically simple decanter handcrafted in hand-blown glass. The simple shape of a cylinder interrupted by a ball gives the carafe a sculptural expression that dresses the table - both for everyday life and parties.


The carafe's design invites several functions. The spacious cylinder of the neck acts as the carafe's handle, while being so open that the carafe can easily be filled with ice cubes, citrus fruits, a mint stalk or something else. The elegant, spherical center makes both the decanter and matching drinking glass suitable for wines that need to oxygenate and develop flavor nuances. The spherical drinking glass fits perfectly as a lid on the decanter. Stack two drinking glasses on top of the carafe and easily carry the set onto the table in one hand.


Carafe no. 49 is mouth-blown in colored glass, and as a result, there may be occasional air bubbles in the glass, and the intensity of the color may vary.

Carafe no. 49 can hold approximately 1200 ml and is intended for cold beverages only.
H 23 cm / D 13,5 cm


Additional glasses available, sold in sets of two.

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