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Lucy King Diffuser - Christchurch

Lucy King Diffuser - Christchurch



Sensual, floral + uplifting. Inspired by the spirit of Christchurch, a city synonymous with regeneration, passion and innovation. Feel your senses awaken as you stroll with us through Christchurch's botanical gardens - filled with energising aromas of jasmine, rose and lily. Best suited for everyday use.

Responsibly made in Queenstown, New Zealand using diffuser oil infused with phthalate-free fragrance oils and essential oils. Vegan + animal cruelty-free.



4/5 - I release a beautiful, noticeable aroma without being over-powering


Longevity approx 9 months / 100ml



Beautifully boxed and presented in a glass jar with black reeds and a silver lid.

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