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Luce Verde Moss Light

Luce Verde Moss Light

The Luce Verde Moss Light provides a glimpse of nature and an atmosphere of well-being due to its structural surface, the luscious green colour and natural feel of the moss integrated in the delicate LED ring luminaires.


The moss material by art aqua is durable and doesn’t need to be maintained.

With their gentle softness and characteristic tactile feel, these large-dimensioned luminaires speak to all our senses and simultaneously improve the room acoustics.


Circular aluminium-profile with integrated diffuser. Direct light distribution, inner surface made of dried moss.


Pendant light, incl. 4 steel cable suspensions 5000mm/196.8″. Power supply cable in silver. Wall lamp with wall brackets. Incl. external power supply unit for suspended ceiling.



Ø 1300 mm 



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