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Handmade Butter Bell

Handmade Butter Bell

A beautiful, artisan and functional item to add to your tableware by Yvette Van Raders, a New Zealand potter based in Ōpōtiki. 


I make stoneware pottery and wood ash glazes. I like to make fairly traditional, functional forms that hopefully have a little spirit and life in them. - Yvette Van Raders


Who doesn't love instantly spreadable butter year round? 

Introducing the Butter Bell, invented by the French, well before the age of refridgeration.


Butter bells preserve and keep temperate by creating a waterseal over the butter. Simply fill the bottom portion with water, the top with butter. Lift the lid and in your hand you have perfectly spreadable butter in a deep, hand held dish. 


Approx 10 cm High x 12cm Wide

Stoneware Clay              

Wood Ash Glaze


Please note - due to the hand made nature of this item, each is unique and of slightly different proportions. You will be sent any one of the three pictured, unless specified. 

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