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Collar Coffee Grinder - with storage lid

Collar Coffee Grinder - with storage lid

A minimalistic and aesthetic coffee collection designed especially for all coffee aficionados. With Collar coffee grinder you can grind your own beans by hand which is essential for the characteristic espresso brew. The designers have taken a modern spin on the classic design and combined it with the Scandinavian design aesthetics.


Stelton’s manual Collar coffee grinder features a ceramic grinder and a nut for adjusting the coarseness of the grind. Thanks to the attached lid, the beautiful grinder can also be used for storing coffee grounds.


Collar is the perfect coffee, tea and bar collection for everyone who values functional design with Scandinavian aesthetics. Collar was designed by Italian design duo Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, who gave the collection minimalist, cylindrical silhouettes and dark colours that are finished off with beautiful brass-plated and wooden accents.


Width 190mm

Height 145mm

Length 110mm

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