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New Zealand

The warmth, decision and style exuded from this design centralises the kitchen as the heart of this Wānaka home. 

WALK THROUGH / Warm timber beneath ergonomic lifted ovens / Curved  island for casual dining / NZ designed and made Long light frames the space /
A graceful and subtle texture to the backsplash / Contrasting smooth composite bench top / Extraction hood inline with a shelving containing downlighting for the work space / Clean lines, push open cabinetry / Deliciously accented green stone pops, flanked in black timber / Dimensional wallpaper shifts and shines in the sun / Plenty of space for art and home styling / Utility room with laundry and space for home cooking projects


There is a minimalist genius to this kitchen that exudes warmth, decision and style. Texture, line and finish are stacked together, creating a workable space with a deceptively simple aesthetic.


A hierarchy of needs is established and implemented into the spacial plan of this kitchen, to create flow for every day cooking essentials. Extra space for projects such as preserving and canning was created, housing the laundry needs too. 


There is ample space for personal expression in this kitchen - for art to be hung and flowers from the home garden to be displayed bounteously. This factor compliments the blending of the kitchen with the rest of the open plan space, centralising it as the heart of the home.

_Z8A0513 (1).jpg

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