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Matto Sofa - Modular

Modular composition gives free range to styling your living space. Transition from compact winter cosiness, to relaxed summer lounging.

Memory foam retains the upright form, and throw cushions soften the corners, bringing endless opportunity for interior pairing.

The casual low back seating will sit below most windows to ensure gorgeous views are unobscured, and the angular con- figurations can be used to create flow and zones in open living spaces.

If you’ve always wanted to go bold with your upholstery, a modular piece is a great entry point, play with luxury and colour without committing to a whole piece.

L 1200mm Chair
L 2290mm 2.5 Seater
L 2690mm 3.0 Seater
D 1000mm
D (seat) 780mm
H (seat) 380mm
H (arm) 670mm+cushions
H (back) 670mm

Black glides 38mmH

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