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Fletcher Sofa - Modular

A highly customisable style which can be made to fit any room dimensions. Proudly made in New Zealand.

Available in many forms, including an armchair, 2 and 3 seater couches, chaise, or modular seating that can be built into L shapes to fit any size room.

There are many options for upholstery, the back and base can contrast to the seat and back cushions. We have an extensive range of highly durable and quality fabrics, ranging from the muted to big statement styles. 

The Fletcher is the perfect couch if you want to add a touch of bold colour or pattern, without committing to a whole piece.

Firm, shape retaining base with excedingly comfortable back cushions.

The arms are recessed back and forward, resulting in a lovely negative detail on the back showcasing the round leg detail.

L 770mm Chair
L 1800mm 2.5 Seater
L 2100mm 3.0 Seater
D 900 mm
D (Seat) 570 mm
H (Seat) 470 mm
H (Arm) 670 mm
H (Back) 830 mm

Metal framed leg 230mmH

Please contact for modular dimensions and expertise in fitting furniture to your space.

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