Kitchen design

Modern rustic style kitchen designed by Melaine Craig in Wanaka

Happy cook - happy home

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of ergonomics and spacial planning, we design bespoke kitchens for new and renovated homes.

In a Melanie Craig kitchen design, we emphasise the 5 working zones for functionally. Coffee nook, freestanding furniture and hidden ergonomics to improve flow, along with pop-up ovens to catering landing zones for hot dishes.

Dedicated work surfaces at the right height create order and dimension and thus help our customers make the most of their tailor-made kitchens.

Our kitchen design services include:

  • bespoke kitchen design planning
  • small kitchen designs
  • designer kitchen furnishing design and manufacture
  • kitchen installation project management
  • collaboration with architectural partners

Make sure you engage us early in your project. Simple things like plumbing and window positions can dictate the entire design.

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Carr Residence

Gastronomy Heart of the Home.
This design was to sit effortlessly within the overall aesthetic of the home.

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Take on me

A true crafted piece of furniture reflecting detailing of the current bones of the home.

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Turning over history

Morphing an oversized hanger built to house a classic car collection into a kitchen living space. Inspiration was drawn from rustic beams, oversized doors and chunky steel hardware.

On point

Why did we call our retail space ‘On Point’?

Because design is like a dance, and much like a ballet dancer standing en pointe, our merchandise will elevate your interiors to the very leading edge of your taste.