Bathroom design

Contemporary bathroom design in a Wanaka home

Design and decoration - function and relaxation

Human beings in the Western world spend, on average, thirty minutes every day in the bathroom. That's roughly eight days out of the year.

Make sure you engage us early in your project, simple things like plumbing and adequate ventilation can dictate the entire design.

Our approach is to create a picture of your typical bathroom regime: Do you do your make-up in here? Do you shave in the shower or at the basin? From that, we craft an ergonomically-driven, spatially aware bathroom design that balances form with function.

Our bathroom design services include:

  • bathroom interior design planning
  • bathroom furniture design and manufacture
  • bathroom implementation and installation
  • bathroom design project management
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Channeling a fresh sense of serenity, and the vibrant hues nature provides, this bathroom design is everything. This development is the perfect example of executing someone’s imagination.

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Take on me

One home, multiple personalities. Each of these bathrooms have its own character, how they still have the similar combination of tiling and composition.

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Not your typical composition. This bathroom emphasises space with large mirroring and lighter hues, surrounding the smooth, curved-edge sinks. Minimalism with an edge; hidden cabinets, few colour ways mixed with contrasting arrangements.

On point

Why did we call our retail space ‘On Point’?

Because design is like a dance, and much like a ballet dancer standing en pointe, our merchandise will elevate your interiors to the very leading edge of your taste.