It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it.

High-end interior architecture that lets you push boundaries with design grounded by a reputation for delivering function.

Interior designed living room by Melanie Craig in a Wanaka home

Interior design

Your taste, combined with our talent for bringing out the very best in a space, becomes the threads with which we weave your unique story.

Modern rustic style kitchen designed by Melaine Craig in Wanaka

Kitchen design

The kitchen is a place we spend a large amount of time in, it’s the one space that needs to be designed, not just decorated.

Contemporary bathroom design in a Wanaka home

Bathroom design

With so many critical functional components to consider, the bathroom is one room where you'll be glad you've got an experienced design partner.

Hall way lightning in a modern contemporary home

Lighting design

Helping you to light the way, as well as accentuate points of particular beauty in your home.

Bespoke couches and arm chairs designed by Melanie Craig from New Zealand

Bespoke furniture

Like a sculpture, designer furniture adds atmosphere, texture and colour to a space.

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Helping you to navigate your passion project - channeling the emotional connection to the space you are working on.

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New builds

Artists love blank canvases. With you, we paint a complete picture of the form and function you want in your home.

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Project management

Many of our clients are very busy people. They simply want to know their design project is in safe hands and would rather hand the reins to us.