Stag Valley Station - Home of Temana Lamb

You might expect a typical traditional design would be the response for a new kitchen in an 80-year-old home on a working sheep farm. But that's not what the owners asked designer Melanie Craig for in this renovation project.

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"They wanted something different, but without losing the integrity of the New Zealand farm cottage style," she says. "We went to them with a steel plate sample and the design took off from there."

The result is a structured, industrial aesthetic – a contemporary look that still fits in with the concept and function of a farmhouse kitchen.

Raw 3mm steel plate backing frames the drawer fronts and is layered with an 18mm lacquered black front fixed on top of the steel. Chunky brushed steel handles enhance the distinctive look.

The island stands on a raw blued-steel base and legs. Stitched black leather wraps around the front and sides of the island, giving a textural backdrop to the oak and steel bar stools.

The 3mm steel plate is a recurring element in the design and is also used to wrap the ventilation unit. The open shelves on either side of the unit are steel framed, with an inset, punched steel base.

One of the keys to the functional success of the design was the opening up of the old kitchen and dining rooms to create a much lighter space with better flow.

The transition between these two spaces is marked by a tall glass and timber display unit, which is stained black and waxed, plus low-hung, industrial steel pendants finished in matt black.

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Best Feature: The steel & it’s different colours & shades……

Signature Dish: Slow cooked Te Mana Leg of Lamb

Island or Dining Table: Wish we had built a bigger island & orientated it to look out the window. May do this in the future. Think we could possibly get a larger island top & balance it with a leg of steel???

Favourite Feature: Steel

Best Feature from Melanie Craig Team: We wanted a kitchen that portrayed our lifestyle, wasn’t too fancy but stood the durability of time & trends. We definitely got that.

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