Concrete Slice.

Where angles meet angles is an absolute eye catching detail. Something that isn’t quite pronounced in the imagery but when you in the space it’s a wow.

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The best feature or space in your kitchen or home…. The Front Entry (deck, 1st 3 steps into the entry (scale, light, colour, textures) and the DOOR!).

What’s your signature Dish…. Bone in Rib Roast with Risotto and Pickled Vegetables.

Has your family migrated to dinners around the island rather than the dining table? Small group (usually) at the island.

Favourite surface, material, wallpaper, fabric used... The entry Wallpaper (with the dark ceiling in the media dining room area second).

Best thing experience by using Melanie Craig team… I had a comment form my ex “you have used so many colours!” Priceless!

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