Brodie Couch
  • Brodie Couch

    A low back and level arms keep the silhouette compact and tight upholstery ensures a neat appearance over time with both fabric and leather as options. The slim plinth adds finer detail to an otherwise substantial piece and balances the circular elements with contrasting angles.


    Wooden legs, long and tapered, elevate and soften the profile. With a sturdy Southland beech frame, reinforced by steel in the two larger sizes, the shape is designed to last. In a world where extremes are easy and design is disposable, the Brodie stands out as a study in composure and balance.


    Dimensions (cm):

    D 85

    H 71

    W 153 (2 seater)

    W181 (2.5 seater)

    W 213 (3 seater)

    W 236 (3.5 seater)


    Please note that pricing is indicative only. Fabric choice and dimension with affect final cost.