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Bastion - Melissa Sharplin

Bastion - Melissa Sharplin

Oil paint and powdered metal on canvas

760 x 960mm

Can be hung portrait or landscape.


Residing between Wanaka and the green Hunter Hills, Melissa Sharplin is chartering the new territory of abstract painting. With an extensive back catalogue of impressive photo-realistic works in oil, her new collection is an exploration of texture and finish in this favoured medium.


Inspiration often strikes unexpectedly, and in my case, it emerged from the world of interior design, the play of light and shadow, the geometric precision, textural flowing fabrics and the raw, industrial elements found in modern interiors sparked the genesis of this artistic endeavour. Embracing the imperfections, much like the process of construction, my paintings celebrate the beauty in bold shapes, meeting asymmetry and unpredictability.


Each mark, scrape, and indentation tells a story of the journey from raw material to finished masterpiece. The marriage of powdered metal and oil paint has allowed me to craft pieces that are not only visually compelling but also rich in tactile experiences.

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