Our process

Our process

Initial Meeting

During the first visit to your home, we discuss maximising the space and brainstorm design options with an aim to estimate cost and provide you with a design proposal.

Design Proposal

This creative document encapsulates your wants and needs for your ideal space and includes a cost estimate for your Melanie Craig Design project.

Design Development

We work closely with you through a series of design meetings during which we will typically put forth two or three different solutions for your space. These meetings give us opportunity to refine the details and culminate in a presentation of the final design.

You will receive a computer-generated floor plan and elevations, and design sketches and perspective drawings. Colour renderings will show you what your Melanie Craig Design Space will look like. The design phase typically takes four to eight weeks, but this can vary.

Tender Development

Once you have approved the design, we produce the workshop drawings for your appoval before we begin manufacturing.

We then engage and liaise with contractors, furniture makers and trades to ensure your design meets the allocated budget.


Our workshops are places where the use of head, hands and heart is balanced in the creation of beautiful things.

You are positively encouraged, to visit the workshops where your furniture is being made. The production phase ranges between three to four months.

Delivery and Installation

Our team are available to properly fit and install your furniture and interior elements. We will supply your contractor with manufacture and service drawings; we also provide construction administration services and are accustomed to working closely with building contractors. Once the site is checked for readiness to receive our furniture, we oversee delivery.